Let go and let God…




Hey, y’all.  Transplant has changed my life in so many ways. I am learning that my old normal, as I knew it, is gone. But, it’s okay. I’m alive and I am here, and doing my best to live life to its fullest. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in being stuck in the same pattern. Change, sometimes scares us. What if God is rearranging our path? What if the road we’re walking on has a huge sink hole ahead? Anyone that’s gone through a hardship or trial, especially me, knows how vulnerable, abandoned and desperate we feel. This, is when He wants us to reach for our faith and trust. Just call His name. Talk to Him. What if, the next time we feel that vulnerability, we just let go and let God?

In 2015, before transplant, I was so sick I had a lot of alone time with God. I get so overwhelmed, when I think of how he has revealed Himself over the past few years. It makes my heart so happy to feel His presence, and I just want to share this feeling of joy, love and hope with others. What if, when we have a moment of despair or what we think is an impossible situation we, have faith and trust Him?

Almost three months ago, in December, I had what I thought was a setback, but there was a different plan, I was placed on a different path.

It was time for my two-year liver transplant checkup. I received a call that afternoon, that my liver labs had come back very elevated.  I had medication changes and labs ordered weekly. I admit, I was a nervous wreck the two months of testing, not understanding why this was happening. In February, I was scheduled for more extensive tests. I was in the outpatient surgery room, IV in arm, being marked with a pen, awaiting a liver biopsy on my transplanted liver, when the doctor stepped out, walked back in, and cancelled the biopsy. After medication changes and many faithful prayers, God once again was there for me. My ultrasound, and labs from that morning, had just posted. All had come back normal! The nurses and techs didn’t know how to respond. The joy from my heart and soul exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!”.  Yep, right there in that hospital room. I was bursting with excitement. The presence of God was in that room. Later on that week, I was told I was in minor rejection. But, God didn’t reject me. He touched my body, once again. My numbers are continuing to stay normal, and medications are slowly being dropped.

I don’t know the reason I was going through this, but I feel God wanted it to be known, that He was and is in control, once again.  I cannot go through these trials on my own. His peace is so overwhelming.  It’s not always easy and I struggle more than I reveal. I just know, that when I am going through something, God has been there for me every time I need Him. I know He touched me in that hospital room just as He orchestrated my transplant surgery.

Give Him a chance, He will be there for you too.

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