My Favorite Pill Case.

Let’s talk, pill cases. I know, not an overly exciting thing to chat about. But, I have one with me 24/7. Being a cancer survivor and transplant patient, I have a lot of medication I have to take on a daily schedule. My health and life depend on it.

I remember when I was posttransplant in the hospital, having to take a class from the pharmacy technician, thinking how am I ever going to keep all of these pills straight. She taught me how important it is to keep my medicine and supplements on a timely schedule to regulate the levels in my system. Pill cases are crucial to being successful. After having the standard flip pill case, I struggled with the lids cracking, the printing wearing off and the pills falling out, I became very frustrated! I was purchasing a new pill case every few months.

So, I went on the hunt for a better option. I found this awesome pill case that I have been using for almost 2 years. And, it still looks and works just as good as day one.

Loading my Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer.

The tops are still in perfect tact. And, I still am in love with it! It has made taking my meds a little better process. Having a great pill case that works is easy to fill and toss in my bag to take on the go, gives me one less thing to worry about. It is made very well, the pills are secure and don’t fall out in my purse. The containers are big enough to hold all of my supplements, plus my prescription medications. It’s perfect! There are little metal plates on the bottom of each case, that then click onto the base that has a magnet in it to hold the cases onto the base. Genius!

So meet my favorite pill case!!! 🙂 (Click the link below to find out where you can get yours)

I love it so much, I just got a second one! Now, I can fill my cases twice a month instead of every week and it makes the process so much better. I may eventually order the two-pack, so I can fill my pills once per month.

Another perk this company offers is that if you happen to lose one of your cases, not saying I did or didn’t 😉 Ha! You can purchase a replacement for that specific day instead of having to buy the whole set again! Brilliant!

I load my pills on the top of each day and push them down into the little X’s cut in the top of the lid.

“WALLAH!” I’m good for 2 weeks.

My pill case filled for 2 weeks!

This makes me so happy. You know it’s the little things in life that make it all worth, while!

I am so thankful to still be on this journey. My 4-year liver transplant anniversary is coming up in December and I have been cancer, free for 18 years, last month!

I love sharing things that make this survivor lifestyle better and easier to deal with! If you want to know where you can get this awesome case, just click one of the links below. I shared the single and double pack (which is a better deal!) You will love it, I promise! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and hanging with me!

Until next time, love much, make the most of every day, listen to the whispers and see the promises!

Christine – Alive by Grace