Living Healthier

Happy Friday! Some of you know my life has recently changed, in so many ways medically. As a result, I am living healthier. I have been inspired to remove the toxic chemicals from my life. A few months ago, I began replacing my daily items with natural, organic ones.  So, this week, I’ve been in “DIY OVERDRIVE”!

I created a sugar scrub, body lotion and face serum. I can’t tell you how it eases my mind, to know my recipes are chemical free, all natural and organic!  I am becoming passionate, about living healthier and I’m saving money.  Why are we so quick to grab items that have toxins & ingredients that we can’t even pronounce?  We lather them on our skin, breathe or even ingest them!

I have had thyroid cancer, liver disease and a transplant.  I am frustrated! Where do all of these awful things come from?  I know, there are some things we will never know. However, if I am removing these bad ingredients, I can’t help but feel that I am living healthier. It’s a positive start!


I am learning how plants and their yield can naturally replace toxic ingredients. I am not digesting, inhaling, or touching toxins, when I recreate my own natural recipes. God gave us plants to benefit us, in so many ways. Do you remember the frankincense and myrrh given to baby Jesus in the bible? These plants contain essential oils and resins that are pretty amazing. What gifts we have been given!

If you are interested in any of my recipes or where I purchased my ingredients, comment and I will gladly share with you. I am obsessed with Young Living Oils and if you want to know why, and/or how I get them you can click on my link below. Let’s all start living healthier!


“I’m telling you, she puts this stuff on my feet, and I can’t stay awake! I go right to sleep….. she calls it  lavender…..”