So, why did I start ditching toxins?  In 2000, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had a thyroidectomy and radiation treatment. In 2011, I was diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, an autoimmune liver disease. After 3 years of illness, I was listed on the national transplant list. In December of 2015, a match was found, and I underwent liver transplant surgery. After these illness’ and researching and learning about all of the chemicals found in our everyday products, I began to realize that I had been ingesting, applying and breathing in many harmful chemicals and toxins into my body. What would have the changes been in my life if I had removed these chemicals years ago? Could some of these toxic by-products caused some of the mutations in my body’s cells and caused the diseases I had endured? Since I can’t go back and have a do-over, I decided to start new, by making changes, one by one, in my lifestyle and to hopefully rid the chemicals from my home.

I began researching all things natural & plant based.  All of the positive stories and changes so many have experienced sparked my interest and I decided I would start with some of the issues I was having after surgery. Plant based products was where was I going to start.

If you have been thinking about starting to remove the toxins in your life, what better time than now. I have not stopped learning and researching how the benefits and properties of these plant based products can change so many things in my life in an all-natural way. I even sometimes make my own, body lotions, scrubs and face wash and serums. I have even switched my makeup to plant based natural products.  I now wash my clothes, dishes and clean my house with plant-based, non-toxic, chemical free products. The changes have been amazing.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you owe it to yourself and family, to treat yourself to the best you and they can be? Of course, you do! Let me share with you my research, knowledge, and the products, I have fallen in love with. I am so excited to show you how to get started. I’m waiting for you to reach out so that I can send you the links to the products I am using so that you can start living your best life!