He is with us!

Hey, friends!
He is with us! Reading my devotion today, His words spoke to me, so clearly.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Isaiah 26:3

Last weekend we went exploring in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We wandered a path in search of a popular waterfall. The sites were breathtaking. It is so refreshing to be surrounded by God’s natural untouched beauty.

Hiking, my thoughts wandered back to the summer before last.  I was spending my days in bed. I was dying. I was questioning how much longer I would be here. Then I realized, wait, I am not only alive. I am hiking through God’s beautiful creation and it is miraculous! A feeling of warmth came over me.  Joy and amazement flooded my soul. He had held me in His hands all along. His time wasn’t my time, but it was perfect and always is. I noticed the unmarred flowers, the lush green moss, the tender new seedlings and seasoned trees that have been rooted there for many years. The strength and beauty of the waterfall captured my attention. They were all perfect. They had exquisite beauty. God made them all. He is their keeper and mine! His greatness and mercy has been around me all along.

Today, as His word spoke to me, I thought about my experiences that weekend. God's existence around me was so prevalent on a mountain, away from all of my problems. But, He assured me, He is with me like that all the time. If I would just be more consciously aware. Oh, how I want more of those sweet, precious moments in my life.  His love surpasses my understanding. He has shown me grace and mercy, when I am not worthy.

As I see and hear of the struggles and hardships that so many are going through, my heart hurts.  I pray that God shines His Light upon us all so that we may know He has us taken care of, in His perfect time. Many times we think we cannot bear it any longer. But, we can if we call upon Him to help us.  If we trust Him, He will be our strength. He will walk with us or even carry us when we fall. I know, as He has and is still carrying me through.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13