I Am Alive By Grace!

Hello, I am Christine. I am a wife, mother, and a grandmother. I am a survivor of cancer and of a liver transplant. Life is a journey and I would love to share mine with you. A miracle has unfolded before me and it is my wish to give others the hope that has been shown to me . Life offers us a blank canvas everyday. Let's paint the most beautiful painting with what we have been given. Be kind to others and concentrate on the positives. Listen to God when He speaks to us. He is so prevalent everywhere. Please join me in sharing your journey and let's uplift each other to be the best we can be.


My desire it to share the love,  joy, and heartaches that we all experience to inspire others. I was raised in a small town in Indiana. We moved to Georgia about 5 years ago, when my husband's job was transferred. That is when my journey of going through a season that I would have never believed I would go through happened.  I have always known in my heart that God answers prayer, but I learned firsthand that God has a purpose and a time for everything and miracles do happen. If we just have the hope and faith to believe, He will show us.

I was diagnosed with a disease called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. This diagnosis is what led to my miracle of receiving a liver.  For this season in my life, God's plan had begun. I am not anyone special. I am a child of God. I make mistakes and am trying to figure it out each day with His forgiveness! I have struggles everyday.  God, family, and friends are what keep me going. I prayed when I was dying, waiting on His plan to unfold, that He would allow me to share and shine His Light to others through this experience. I wanted to make known what He has done for me, because He is amazing. He wants us to know that He loves us all the same and wants to be there for us each moment of each day.  I didn't quite know how to begin.  This blog is one of the ways I have felt led to share my story. Please join me in uplifting God and sharing your thoughts and  helping to shine your light on this blog. Together we can make a change.

God has spared me from cancer and end stage liver disease. I am not sure what He has in store next but, I am in awe of His mercy, love, and faithfulness and I am Alive By Grace!